ON 7 is Closed

Due to the current situation the ON 7 is closed.

New opening hours

Staff restaurant Piazza / UH1 11.00 - 14.00
Barista Bar 11.30 to 16.00
Cafeteria Piazza closed
ON 10 07.00 - 15.30
ON 12 07.00 - 14.00
The Corner closed
ON 7  closed

Le Mosaïque at Uetlihof 2 is closed.

Feel good kitchen -  soul food - brain Nutrition

However you like to call it - eating is a very personal thing. With the right food we feel snug, overjoyed, intoxicated or comforted. Such feel good food is like a big embrace; an ointment for our soul that makes us smile.


Working Lunch in the office, aperitifs or a delicous themed buffet?

Organise it here

Foodkiosk ON 7

Big or small sandwiches, smoothies and Co. every day freshly made by us.

New Panini Counter
The panini couter you can find at the Bloom Bar at Piazza.

Product range

1. Choose your Bread

Small sandwiches (2.50)
Baguette, Granary baguette, Olive panini
Large sandwiches (3.50)

Ciabatta, Focaccia, Tomato panini, Natural pitta bread, Sesame seed pitta bread

2. Choose your Sauce

Honey and mustard sauce, Barbecue sauce, Pesto, Wasabi mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, Butter

3. Choose your Filling

Fillings (3.00)
Roast chicken breast, marinated roast beef, Prosciutto Mattonella, Pastrami, Norwegian smoked salmon, Chilli black tiger prawns
Fillings (2.00)
Ham shoulder, smoked turkey breast, fried bacon, mild salami, Meat loaf, Tuna, Falafel, Egg, Swiss alpine cheese, Parmesan shavings, Mozzarella, Cream cheese with herbs, grilled aubergines, grilled peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, Avocado
Fillings (0.50)
Cucumber, Spinach, Pickled gherkin, Onion rings, Olives, Capers, Rocket, Iceberg lettuce

Would you prefer to have your sandwich cold or toasted? 
Whatever your preference, we hope you enjoy your sandwich!

Opening hours

The ON 7 remains closed.


Managing Director

Mr Daniel Maass
T +41 44 332 43 21
M +41 79 572 10 08

daniel.maass (at) eldora.ch

Assistant to Managing Director

Ms Anja Lang
T +41 44 332 40 00
M +41 79 174 73 85

anja.lang (at) eldora.ch

Sales & Events Manager

Mrs Nadja Huber
T +41 44 332 40 40

sales.piazza (at) eldora.ch

Manager The Corner

Herr Gian Reto Camenisch
T +41 44 332 45 94
M +41 79 560 42 36

gianreto.camenisch (at) eldora.ch


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