Mandatory Registration

As of 27 August 2020 we are obliged to collect your contact details when you visit our restaurant. Please register in writing, scan our QR code and enter your data digitally or register your CS badge. Your data will be stored on a Swiss server for 14 days and then deleted.

New Opening hours

Staff restaurant Piazza / UH1 11.00 - 14.00
Bloom Bar 07.00 - 17.00 | TUE-THU 4.30 to 8 pm
Cafeteria Piazza 11.00 - 14.00 
ON 10 07.00 - 15.30
ON 12 07.00 - 14.00
The Corner and ON 7 are still closed.

Le Mosaïque at Uetlihof 2 is temporarily closed.

every Tuesday Oriental Buffet 

Indulge in delicious ingredients and flavours from the Middle East – Every tuesday on our salad bar and snack station. 

Cordon Bleu – at Piazza!

A classic to enjoy: Try our crispy, homemade Cordon bleu with tasty ham and melted cheese every now and again on the menu.

Feel good kitchen -  soul food - brain Nutrition

However you like to call it - eating is a very personal thing. With the right food we feel snug, overjoyed, intoxicated or comforted. Such feel good food is like a big embrace; an ointment for our soul and makes us smile.


Working Lunch in the office, aperitifs or a delicious themed buffet?

New: Flavors Fridge
at ON11 and ON12

Whether at 6 o'clock in the morning or at 10 o'clock in the evening. From now on there are flavors around the clock. Exclusively at the Uetlihof we are testing our new Flavors Take-Away fridge. It offers all kinds of goodies: fresh salads, muesli, sandwiches and menus to warm up.

1. Download the App in the store.
2. scan the QR code on the fridge and open it.
3. scan your favourite product with the app and pay.

Just good food

Wie immer man es nennen möchte – Essen ist eine sehr persönliche Sache. Mit dem richtigen Essen fühlen wir uns geborgen, beglückt, berauscht und manchmal tröstet es uns. Solches Wohlfühlessen ist wie eine dicke Umarmung, es ist Balsam für die Seele und bringt uns zum Strahlen.

MMMMH Muesli

Whether classic, with nuts, vegan or with berries: Birchermüesli tastes great at any time of day.

Alpkuh-Patenschaft: Alpkäse-Menu
5. – 7. October 2020

It is time for cheese! After a beautiful summer our «rented» cows have left their alp. This is the end of our alpine cow sponsorship this year. Now we can finally enjoy the delicious cheese that was made from the milk of our cows. 

Piazza / Free Flow

The large staff restaurant presents a changing and varied range of freshly cooked menus and meals.  From the traditional to the exotic, from light to hearty, the spacious restaurant offers six different menu lines and a generous salad buffet.

Please see the current opening hours at the top of the page.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 11.15 am till 1.45 pm

Payment methods

Not open to public


Managing Director

Mr Daniel Maass
T +41 44 332 43 21
F +41 44 332 40 19
M +41 79 572 10 08

daniel.maass (at)

Assistant to Managing Director

Ms Anja Lang
T +41 44 332 40 00
F +41 44 332 40 19
M +41 79 174 73 85

anja.lang (at)

Sales and Events Manager

Mrs Nadja Huber
T +41 44 332 40 40
F +41 44 332 48 22

nadja.huber (at) 


Manager The Corner

Herr Gian Reto Camenisch
T +41 44 332 45 94
M +41 79 560 42 36

gianreto.camenisch (at)


Eldora AG
Staff restaurant Credit Suisse Piazza / UH1
Uetlibergstrasse 231
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